A rose by any other name?

Normally when you mention Chanel or Hermes, and bag in the same sentence I am drooling. It's a Pavlovian response...I can't help it. When I walk past their stores I stop and press my nose to the glass; like the proverbial kid at the candy store or, probably more accurately, the crazy cat lady looking in the window of the cat shelter.

And then I came across these "waist pouches" at Decades. I'm sorry, you can try and change the name to protect the innocent, but they're fanny packs...possibly even bum bags...and bring to mind busloads of tourists "doing Europe" in a week (ten minutes at the Eiffel Tower, ten minutes at the Tower of London, ten minutes at the Tower of Pisa, and home in time for tea). These are now my official "I shouldn't buy another expensive handbag, I need to be talked down from the ledge" cue cards. One look, and sanity should be restored.


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  • bigglassesgirl said...
    1:59 AM
    I actually love these bags - but for my sanity I refer to them as "low-slung hip bags" a la alice roi and phillip lim. Fanny pack screams horror for me.
  • Archer said...
    8:05 AM
    I agree there is no other way around it. These bags are fanny packs. And no matter what you do to them they are still hideous.
  • Rollergirl said...
    5:27 PM
    I disagree. Bumbags are great! I use mine when I go to London Fashion Week cos it's super-practical and I don't care if it's naff!
  • Maria Paz said...
    3:06 AM
    i have that hermes bag in 3 colors! i love it. stole them from my mother. they look super cool and everyone asks where they're from. DONT HATE

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