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Well, what was formerly known as coat closet #2 and is now working under the nom-de-guerre of "our own little Niagara Falls" has temporarily dried up. In this calm before the storm (now, there's a kiss of death statement) I decided to do a post.

Thursday, pre-flood, I'd gone on a jaunt to H&M.

A little backstory...I have been visiting Net-a-Porter with a certain frequently recently to cast covetous glances at See by Chloe's leather bomber jacket, as shown in the picture on the right. It's probably a sign that I've been watching too much 70's television but it appealed to me. However, $1,200 for something that has a definite thrift-store vibe is not even vaguely fiscally responsible.

Fast-forward to Thursday. As I wandered around H&M I found the jacket below. Now, it's not be honest, it's probably not even pleather...and, considering the recent debacle with toys from China being recalled due to high lead levels, I'm probably in danger of lead poisoning. But...I like it. I also like the chambray skirt that I picked up at the same time. Which has, once again, a slight 70's feel.

As I said, I'm watching too many re-runs...


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  • editor said...
    8:26 AM
    wow, you (or should i say h&m) nailed that bomber style.
    does it satisfy the craving?
  • hebden said...
    9:28 AM
    I have to say, it does.

    It also makes me feel slightly I "saved" a thousand dollars. Ah, fashion math...
  • mahret said...
    6:24 PM
    Are you sure it's a skirt? Didn't it come with straps? I actually wear it as a dress ;-)
  • hebden said...
    7:33 PM
    To be honest, I'm not sure. It did come with straps/suspenders but I'm used to those not being long enough (I'm 5'11") so I just assumed it was a pinafore style skirt made for someone shorter.

    Then, when I tried it on again today I thought...hang on, is this a dress?

    So now I'm going with the idea that it's "convertible" and can be worn either least that's my plan.
  • Norma said...
    1:05 AM
    Heya! I'm currently bidding on this item on ebay and was wondering if it fits true to size. I'm usually between an x-small and small and wondering if a size 2 in this jacket would be too snug. Any of your advice would be appreciated.

    Thanks smart shopper!

  • Hebden said...
    6:01 AM
    Norma - you're bidding on the SbC version, right? I never actually tried it in person, just drooled online...but I do own quite a few SbC pieces.

    In my experience they can run large...if you're an x-small/small I would have thought a 2 would have been a little large. You've probably already done this but I'd suggest getting all the measurements from the seller.

    Hope it fits...and hope you win's a gorgeous jacket!
  • Norma said...
    2:45 PM
    Oh, sorry. The h&m version.
  • Hebden said...
    7:43 AM
    In that case I'd say it fits true to size. Hope you get it!
  • Norma said...
    3:23 PM
    Hello again! ThanQ you so much for your prompt responses! They came at just the right time and I did, indeed, get the jacket. Eagerly awaiting its arrival now.

    Thanks again and luck with all.


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