Inflatation Frustration vs Conjunction Junction

If you’re even a mildly frequent reader of this blog you will know one thing with certainty...and that is that I have “handbag issues”. Yes, that strange but relatively common infliction where bags are taking up a good 30% of my closet...and probably my income. Not just expensive bags either...$5 book-bags are cheek-by-jowl with Prada...thrift-store finds rub shoulders with Marc Jacobs...we’re just one big happy family.

To alleviate guilt, I gain some comfort in the fact that I do get use out of my bags, as opposed to the things that I buy and then never seem to wear. I consider the bag to be part of the outfit and generally use a different one each day.

For as long as I can remember, my holy grail of bag desire has revolved around two names...Hermes and Chanel. Actually I vacillate over the pictures, I love real life, I’m strangely under-whelmed...they’re nice but not awe inspiring. This, as it turns out, is extremely lucky because rumor has it that yet another price hike will be taking effect at Chanel sometime before November. A whopping 22% rise in fact. If this is true it means that the cost of a medium classic flap will have risen 52.6% during 2007...from $1,595 to $2434.

Now, I know the exchange rate is terrible...and I acknowledge that the cost of the materials has probably risen too (have you seen the price of gold chains recently?)...but doesn’t this seem a tad greedy?


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  • Rollergirl said...
    5:15 PM
    That's a shocker. I had this conversation with my boyfriend about the imminent price hike of Hermes watches too (was it you who mentioned that?). Apparently it's all a ploy to get the luxury brands out of the clutches of the middle classes and create an uber luxury status for the ultra rich. Actually, that sounds quite good, I think I might do my own blog post about it!

    I bought a Chanel quilted flap bag (2.55?) 3-4 years ago and I'm sure it was about £700 at the time. It's already gone up a lot since then. Worth every penny tho :)
  • editor said...
    10:58 PM
    i don't doubt what rollergirl says is true.
    the only weird thing is that hermes has out-of-this-world prices, yet they are expanding and opening more stores across the us. that will not breed exclusivity, so it seems to contradict their purpose of raising their prices so steeply each year.
    like rollergirl though, i think the people who do choose to make this investment tend to feel that it's worth it.
  • Anonymous said...
    2:04 AM
    Right now, Gold costs about $700 dollars an ounce, whereas two years ago it was $500 dollars. So yes, I can believe the prices of gold necklaces nowadays.

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