Paraphernalia (noun)

Paraphernalia - Etymology: Medieval Latin, ultimately from Greek parapherna bride's property beyond her dowry, from para- + phernE dowry, from pherein to bear.

This is a subject that I've avoided posting about for a while, but avoidance can only last so long. Friends had mentioned the budget-friendly finds available on Etsy but had cautioned that it's possible to be overawed by the bargains and overindulge. Keeping their admonishments in mind, the question had always I really need another place to spend money?

Having finally taken the plunge and browsed around the site I can sadly say that yes...yes I do. Within a couple of minutes I had discovered Paraphernalia and their necklaces based upon the type of illustrations you'd come across in 19th century medical dictionaries or antique books on flora and fauna. The necklaces are macabre but alluring...a Victorian addition to otherwise modern outfits.

parrottoothchicken claw


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  • Iheartfashion said...
    11:05 AM
    Very clever! Love the anatomica ones.
  • Cristina said...
    1:35 PM
    Awesome link. Thanks!
  • Queen Michelle said...
    6:21 AM
    I have one these! I have a bird - a magpie I think. It's fab.

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