I spy...D.I.Y.

Okay, confession time...having heard rumors that Teen Vogue was a darned site better than its big sister (admittedly, not too difficult glancing at some recent issues) I took a look. Well, to be exact, I furtively looked around me and then snatched an issue and dashed off to a corner of the store. If I ignored the articles on college applications and the like...and the cost of a lot of the items (seriously, how many teenagers are buying Chloe?)...I have to admit, the magazine is fun. Covetable, honest-to-goodness, trend-driven fun.

Do-it-yourself Balenciaga rubbed shoulders with veiled hats. Swedish streetstyle jostled against Paul Poiret. Perhaps the best part, considering my love affair with Philip Lim's Fall/Winter collection, was a pattern for Lim's tie-neck blouse.

In case you hadn't guessed, I sheepishly went to the counter and bought the magazine. And my husband's white shirts are living in fear...


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  • Anonymous said...
    10:40 PM
    I agree, and their A-Z section was not overly corny or predictable. I especially like the mention of Grey Gardens
  • 5:58 AM
    It cannot really have success, I suppose so.

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