Playing by the rules…

“Don't wear white after Labor Day”
“You can’t wear colors that clash”
"You shouldn't mix prints"

I’ve never been much of a rules girl when it comes to dressing (well, when it comes to most things for that books make me want to take up arson, a la Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451). My basic dictum...rules are made to be broken (if you want to have any fun).

There is, however, one personal dressing rule that I do follow more often than not. And that is...either clothing or grooming can be a little disheveled but not both at the same time. So it's tousled hair with a with a fitted, slightly rigid, outfit. And if the clothes are a bit of a pick-and-mix, I bring out the blow dryer and make sure there's not a hair is out of place. It’s my Chaos Theory...trying to find order in disorder.

Which brings up the question...what are you personal rules for getting dressed?


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  • Anonymous said...
    8:59 PM
    In a similar vein to yours -- if I want to wear cheap thrift store dresses, I have to splurge on nice accessories.
  • michelle said...
    10:48 PM
    I guess my rule would be contrast or balance. So, something casual with something nicer, something looser on top if I'm wearing more snug on the bottom, and light-colored bag against darker clothes or jacket, etc. Actually quite similar to you and anon.
  • 7:02 AM
    My rules, I guess, are less creativity or concept-related and more "occasion"-related. By that I mean that I try to dress right for important occasions, meaning I'd rather be a tad too overdressed than underdressed. For instance it's a bit disappointing being at a wedding and seeing all the people scooping up the buffet without having made any effort to look nice. Which doesn't mean that you have to look boring or conservative.

    For me, personally, there's also generally the rule "less is more", simply because simpler styles suit me better. And one thing I dread are chipped toenails. Urgh!!! So, to avoid those is a big rule for me, too. There are some girls who are able to rock the chipped fingernail look, but it's quite horrible how many examples of the other look you come across in summer.
  • Rollergirl said...
    11:47 AM
    I never though of that but it makes sense. I guess my hair is relatively groomed cos it's short but I always do a made up face (but not obviously made-up you understand...) which is just as well because I'm a bit of a scruff bag where clothes are concerned. Hmm, must try harder!

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