Ice Ice Baby

As it's still insanely warm outside I'm going to ask you to work with me here and pretend that it's cold, the snow is falling, and you're a snowbunny getting ready to hit the slopes. The question is, what do you wear to keep your little ears warm? Well, I for one should imagine that Thomas Wylde's swarovski embellished knit cap would fit the bill. It's the perfect combination of functional and fabulous. And for apres ski, Phillip Lim's similarly dazzling headband would continue the theme.

The only thing that bursts this little daydream of mine is the fact that the combined cost of both these items is $1,170...and that's before tax. Not wanting to sound like someone's grandmother ("I remember when you could get a loaf of bread, a chicken, and some juggling balls and still have change from 10 pence") but what has happened to prices recently? In case you're wondering, the beanie isn't's a 50/50 wool/acrylic mix and was made in Korea. Admittedly, the headband is silk, but even so...

And so, two more projects are added to my ever expanding (and generally indignant) "I could make that" list. Who knows, by the time the snow actually is falling I might actually have made some of these things.


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  • 7:01 AM
    Wow! I love the cap, too!! And I think it COULD be possible to make it oneself. If you think about the what one or two balls of wool/acrylic yarn would cost, there's not much to lose, I guess. I think it's crocheted, though. (Don't want to be Miss Know-it-all, but maybe this makes it easier to recreate it ...) I think it would be fun making something like that.
  • hebden said...
    6:21 PM
    Thanks for the info...though my crochet skills are pretty awful. Still, as you say, for a couple of balls of wool it's worth a try.

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