Barometric Pressure

And after the H&M glory comes a little H&M gripe...

While I was in the store I picked up a copy of H&M's magazine. All well and good...until I got to page 13...and a paragraph entitled "Fashion Amateurs".

Now, personally, I think there are quite a lot of well-written, intelligent, thought-provoking blogs out there. The photography may not always be the best (my previous post proves that) but, then again, we're not generally professional photographers. But blogs do provide legitimate fashion commentary and, let's face it, are probably bringing stores like H&M some business...

What I'm trying to say is...can't we all just play nicely, kids?


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  • Brittique said...
    11:58 AM
    Fabulous post! Thanks for bringing that to our attention. Already it's got a lot of blog time on other blogs. All the more reason to shun the High Street and seek out genuine and inspired fashion.
  • Fabi said...
    3:42 PM
    This is funny since I would've NEVER known about H&M if it wasn't for bloggers. Shame on them! Great post by the way!
  • 1:35 AM
    Interesting that a high profile company would publish something like that... Could it be for publicity's sake?

    That's the beauty of being a blogger - being able to catch raw footage of fashion. And it's only once in a blue moon that you come across blurry photos. Maybe if they'd give us better seats at shows the pictures would be better!
  • dianabobar said...
    1:01 PM
    thanks for sharing! shame on them! as if h&m know fashion...ha!

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