Small is beautiful

As far as I'm concerned, big bags will never lose their allure...they're a kind of adult safety us the ability to carry numerous things that we "may" potentially need during the day. In my case this mainly includes items to alleviate boredom, so I'll frequently lug around a book, magazine, iPod, digital camera, and notebook (along with everything else of course).

The fact that my commute is only about an hour each way and I could probably get by (if I didn't carry any of my entertainment ephemera) by looking out of the window or making up responses to the one-sided telephone conversations that I overhear doesn't stop me.

I am, however, being drawn towards small, cross-body bags at the moment. The joy that I'm getting from just carrying the essentials is really quite pathetic. And so, my vintage Mulberry has been resurrected and is making frequent appearances...but that has just whetted my I want more.

Loeffler Randall's ruffled disco bag is one possible's available in black or brown...has a sparkly gold lining...and is on sale (always a bonus). If I wanted to go a bit more luxe (and could get it with a slightly longer strap) I'd opt for John Galliano's mis-shaped python number...depending to how I look at it, it's either a squashed fly, an internal organ, or a fashion-based Rorschach interesting juxtaposition between shape and fabric.


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