As we gathered round the campfire...

Having never gone to summer camp as a child I probably have unrealistic notions about what goes on there...or, at least, a viewpoint that is based on watching one too many vintage films and television shows. So, in my mind, everyone has a "jolly" characters in an Enid Blyton book...whilst singing campfire songs and making all kinds of "crafty" items. And, as I'm taking this huge leap into unreality, instead of making the usual childhood craft items (which are welcomed by parents and then quickly moved to a place where they are never seen again) the campers of my imagination craft beautiful this Mariachi Baby Billie Bag by Mayle...which manages to combine homespun and chic in a satisfyingly summertime way.



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  • susie_bubble said...
    12:01 PM
    They would surely have a spiffing time crafting that bag...whilst having lashings of ginger beer!
  • enc said...
    11:14 PM
    I love Enid Blyton. I went to camp three years in a row, and we never turned out anything that great, but we did use lanyards which looked a lot like those whipstiched bits on that bag.
  • Shaiful said...
    2:35 AM
    Love that snake skin bag darling ... come over to my blog as well ... it's a fashion one :D
  • 1:10 PM
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