Hold tight against the strain…

Although I’m a fiend when it comes to virtually all things accessory related I do have a mental block when it comes to belts. I think it’s the idea of drawing unforgiving, and constant, attention to the waistline that does it. Will I be paranoid if I have a large lunch? Will I have to actually be aware of my posture, rather than slouching as I regularly do? There seems to be a long list of questions and concerns that could be avoided by ignoring belts altogether.

Which is fine, in theory, until you find yourself lusting over Rachel Comey’s corset belt. I know I would never wear it and it would languish in a drawer...and yet...I find myself constantly browsing back to have another look at it...admiring the almost architectural quality of it, and how it would frame the waist.

For my sanity (and my bank balance) I must repeat my mantra, "I am not a belt girl...I am not a belt girl..."



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  • enc said...
    11:10 PM
    It can be tough to admire things and not have to have them.
  • eve said...
    4:48 AM
    I am not a belt girl either, but that doesn't stop me from owning a few. And there are so few occasions I feel comfortable wearing them.
  • hebden said...
    6:15 AM
    eve - that's the thing...I do own a few (that I never wear)...so this would just join the gang.

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