Building a better future...

Heb had some spaces in her day,
Which she didn't want to waste away.
She took the spaces with great care,
And built a castle in the air.
On the turret she climbed up high,
And cut a hole out of the sky.
Out of the hole she built a boat,
And put it in the castle moat.
Sure enough came evening soon,
And through the hole fell the moon.
The moral of this story is,
Nothing's out of reach with resourcefulness.

Joseph advertising text from the 1980's...names changed to protect the innocent

I was, I'll admit, a nerdy child...while other little girls held tea parties for their dolls I focused on the intricacies of Lego blocks...towns, cars, name it, I built it. And even though I am well into adulthood I still feel the pull of "the block"...namely these building block memory sticks and iPod speakers. Just think of all the castles in the air that I could construct with these beauties...



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  • enc said...
    11:18 AM
    I love these!

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