Wish me luck!

Once, when I was a child, I visited a large country house that had peacocks roaming the grounds...possibly the owners found guard dogs to be boring. Left to my own devices I joined them in their roaming and appeared, just as my mother was ready to leave, with a handful of peacock feathers that I had found strewn across the grass (either due to seasonal moulting or the bird version of Fight Club...just in case anyone is concerned that I forcibly removed them from their owners).

And then, just as I was about to load my prizes into the car I heard the voice of my parental unit say, "leave those outside, they're unlucky"...despite my loud pleas the *PAW rule applied and I arrived home feather-free.

Time has passed and now I find myself attracted to this peacock feather necklace from Les Prairies De Paris. The big question...do I risk the wrath of the evil eye and bring it home with me?

* Parent Always Wins


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  • WendyB said...
    10:24 AM
    I thought peacock feathers were only unlucky in the theater!
  • enc said...
    11:15 AM
    I didn't know any of these things about peacock feathers being lucky or unlucky, or the locations in which luck was to be found or lost, but the necklace is beautiful!
  • hebden said...
    7:18 PM
    wendyb - as in "don't say MacB (the Scottish play)"?

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