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A recent purchase of a tri-blend v-neck t-shirt from American Apparel...followed by some browsing on Nation's me much is too much for a basic t-shirt? Though I like the distressed look of the more expensive shirt can it possibly be worth the almost $100 price difference? And what the hell do you wear under it to preserve a semblance of modesty (hello world...this is my bra...and this is the unsightly flesh that I would usually be hiding under a t-shirt but is now on display)?

My personal theory has always been that basics are a good place to save my pennies for other lovely, but decidedly non-basic, purchases...but now, I'm curious. Do you splurge on the necessities of life? And, if so, how much is too much for the humble t-shirt?



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  • StyleSpy said...
    8:53 AM
    I get a little appalled at the prices I see for t-shirts, although I must admit a perfect t-shirt is a wonderful, life-saving thing. I do balk at paying more than 30 bucks for one (I need that money for shoes!), so my solution is to wait until they go on sale. Some I've really been liking lately that aren't crazy-pricey are from the Vera Wang line at Kohl's -- great value for the price.
  • enc said...
    11:04 AM
    I splurge on dungarees, which, for me, are a basic. I insist that they fit correctly, as I wear them every day. T-shirts? I've spent $78 on one, but that was an anomaly. It was embellished, so that's probably why I spent so much. Usually, I spend $35 or something.
  • EM said...
    11:22 AM
    I must be really stingy because I will not pay more than ten dollars for a shirt. I usually go to Gap for plain basic shirts or J. Crew if they are having a sale. It is just a t shirt.
  • editor said...
    7:10 PM
    splurge on necessities? yes. i would define everything i own as a necessity/basic/staple. that being said, i won't splurge just for the sake of splurging. i don't like the look of a see-through tee shirt, nor do i like the idea of it looking so fragile.
  • 2:42 AM
    I love semi sheer t shirts. I live for those.. there is something so subtle sexy imo when the shirt is slightly sheer. I'm a tad obsessed by them.

    But I will never pay The Row prices for them as I know I can find the perfect t shir on the high street ..all you need is paitience.
  • 12:41 AM
    I tend to go cheap on basics because I've had pretty good luck with them. I've had many cheap t-shirts go bad after a short while, but my Gap and Target t-shirts have held up very well throughout repeat wearing and washing.

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