"The golden rule is that there are no golden rules." - George Bernard Shaw

Proof once again, if it were needed, why any kind of "fashion rule" is obsolete...from an InStyle article entitled "Shop your closet like a fashion editor" comes the advice, "The key to finding a good, working basic is to keep in mind its cut and proportion to other pieces. For example, this spring your slim capris may work with a hip-length jacket, but your wide-leg pants won't."

To be mindful of proportion is fine but what would happen if Emanuelle Alt had followed this recommendation? What would happen if we all did? A world full of women in capri pants and longer jackets (which is a little 80's, isn't it?)...wearing not what necessarily looks good on them...but what they have been told to wear. Where's the article that says "If you like it, wear it...and don't give a damn"?


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  • susie_bubble said...
    12:18 PM
    Well said....the way ppl idolise fashion editors is quite frankly silly.... they wear what they want because that's their style... and in some cases, it's a matter of 'fash pack' mode where during one season, EVERYONE will be breaking out with the mannish blazers, rolled up trousers, killer ankle boots and large clutches. How is that enviable?

    Indeed as you said...wear what you like and want...
  • Maria said...
    12:18 PM
    in the other hand the magazine article advice is for those that are late adapters of trends. Emanuel Alt (vanguard some times) here, is pulling off the wide legs, but the jacket just seems redundant proportionally. There is something about complacency in fashion that just makes me cringe... Besides she is totally tall and wearing heels, that is just cheating the rules of average women proportions.
  • enc said...
    6:48 PM
    I agree with you. I read InStyle with a grain of salt. It's meant for the masses en masse, not necessarily for each and every person.
  • 3:06 AM
    It won't truly have success, I consider this way.

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