Water, water, everywhere...and not a drop to drink

In an effort to be responsibly "green" I've been considering buying a Sigg aluminum water bottle (okay, that was a fib, I saw a cute anime inspired girly pink one....but the end result would have been the same). Then sanity, in the shape of Mr. Heb, stepped in and posed the million dollar question "you don't drink tap water...the water you drink comes in plastic bottles...what would you put in this bottle?". Thus, in the face of the obvious, the urge to buy was killed stone dead...and I saved $20.

While the urge to Sigg was still with me though I heard about some designer embellished bottles which will be hitting the charity auction block shortly...which should have thrilled me...until I saw them and realized they were the most insipid "designs" ever created...obviously water may have been flowing but inspiration wasn't.

Stella McCartneySienna & Savannah MillerTommy Hilfiger


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  • jennifer said...
    2:46 PM
    I've had one of the Sigg bottles since last August and it's wonderful. The whole point of using one is to stop buying bottled water and refill your Sigg bottle over and over again. I've got a PUR filter on my kitchen sink and every day I fill my Sigg from it. At work I fill it from the water cooler in the office. I used to think why not just keep refilling an old plastic disposable bottle? The disposable plastic bottles get really germy and also some believe that the plastic may leach chemicals into the water over time. I don't mean to be preachy, but just imagine how many bottles would be kept out of landfills if we all used a Sigg or other refillable bottle? As for being stylish, Sigg is always putting out new designs, some are admittedly lame but others are pretty nice. And I know that Aveda was distributing Sigg bottles to all the trendsetters at NY Fashion Week in February!
  • hebden said...
    5:51 PM
    Thanks jennifer, but my problem is that our tap water is revolting (even with a filter). Work though is definitely an option...though I've heard that the taps on the water coolers are a hotbed of germs too...
  • enc said...
    6:45 PM
    I lose my water bottles all the time, so I'd hate to lose one of these, but this is a great idea to be a bit greener.

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