Brogue: a dialectic pronunciation...a stout, coarse shoe

While I can't actually claim to have "saved" $500 I did feel remarkably frugal when I noticed Church's classic Burwood brogues on Net-a-Porter...well, frugal and closely related to the cat in the adage who let "I dare not wait upon I would" they're virtually identical to a pair that are lurking in my closet (an Ally Cappelino/Church's collaboration that I bought many years ago and have worn...let me see...probably less than ten times).

Not that they languished unworn for any good reason...for a while they were "too new" and therefore "too nice" for regular wear...then they "no longer fit my current aesthetic"...then, for a while, they were in storage and therefore, they're just not something I wear very often (for no particular reason). Yet another reminder that what comes around goes around...and I really need to de-lurk all of the things in the back of my closet and work with what I've got before I fulfill my automatic urge to buy something new.


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