"The venom of such looks..."

So happy be the issue, brother England,
Of this good day and of this gracious meeting,
As we are now glad to behold your eyes;
Your eyes, which hitherto have borne in them
Against the French, that met them in their bent,
The fatal balls of murdering basilisks:
The venom of such looks, we fairly hope,
Have lost their quality, and that this day
Shall change all griefs and quarrels into love.

Queen Isabel - Henry V, Act 5, Scene 2

Prepare for a small gush...not a full-on gush because, I didn't love everything about Isabel Marant's Fall/Winter collection...I did, however, love a decent portion of it. The furs...the leopard prints and muted florals...the boyish tweeds and girly skirts...the inherently relaxed sexiness of it all...the sparkly little disco bags worn with some of the daytime looks...

Nothing "innovative" perhaps...but definitely the kind of feel good clothing that I wouldn't mind having a closet full of...


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