“Your ability to rationalize your own bad deeds makes you believe that the whole world is as amoral as you are” - Douglas Coupland

I suppose it was inevitable that the week in which I fret over a $25 prospective purchase I should break down and make a much larger one. Lest that makes me seem like someone who should trot herself over to the nearest insane asylum and get fitted for one of those nice little straight jackets with the leather restraints I should include the following information...

  1. Both purchases were on sale and heavily reduced
  2. They're pieces which I've been considering for a while
  3. The purchase of one of them wipes another item off my "summer wish list"
Yes, I'm in full justification mode...but, truth be told, I do feel a little guilty...happy, but guilty. But what pushed me into this paradigm of schizophrenia, you ask?

Well...my warm weather wish list included a pair of lightweight black pants because, believe it or not, I don't currently have such a basic necessity in my closet (something which probably says a lot about my buying behavior up to this point but I won't go into too much depth on that right now...I am, after all, trying to be a wiser owl when it comes to what I buy so I won't dwell on past indiscretions). My wish for l.b.p. was answered by a pair of "greased" pants by H Chalayan. What really attracted me to these...apart from the fact that they were indeed the basic, straight-fit, cuffed, trouser of my dreams was that they were then removed from mere "basic" status by the aforementioned greased finish.

The "completely unnecessary but I've been staring at this for months and as I was making a purchase anyway it found its way into my cart" portion of the proceedings was fulfilled by this grey plaid skirt by Zucca (the label started in 1989 by Issey Miyake protege, Onozuka Akira). I've been drooling over various pieces from this label...on different sites...for months now. If I had to fall I'm glad it was for one of the more wearable (on a day-to-day basis) items.

Well, there it is...guilt confessed, but not absolved...



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  • AM said...
    1:20 PM
    Don't mean to be an enabler, but these are fabulous purchases. I want every piece in both outfits.

    Please model when you get them.
  • 8:28 PM
    Spending money does hurt one's resolve, but sometimes wise purchases are worth it. I have a pair of Stella McCartney pants that are very similar to the pair you got, and I just love it. Lightweight pants like these are so versatile for work and play. Who can resist a sharp pair of pants that aren't too serious?

    Can't wait to see you work with those purchases!
  • 5:34 AM
    The trousers really do look great... a basic which is anything but..basic. ;)
  • site said...
    9:09 AM
    Well, I don't really think it will work.

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