“Quoth Hudibras, Friend Ralph, thou hast Outrun the constable at last” - Samuel Butler

My mother bought the heavy cotton Navajo cardigan from the Ralph Lauren store in Paris...there's a fashion anomaly for you...English woman living in France buys faux native American cardigan by American designer. I'm not sure what she wore it with...my best guess would be more Ralph Lauren in the form of wrap skirts and country casuals...but since I got hold of it I've found it incredibly difficult to partner with anything except jeans.

As this is the perfect time (temperature-wise) for wearing it as a jacket alternative I'm determined to unearth some skirt...dress...or other non-jean item...that it can actually be worn with. Not a plan that worked today but we'll see if I can figure something out before summer...


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  • Georgie said said...
    3:38 AM
    I adore jackets like that, they are so warm and comfy. But as you said, because of the patterns it must be difficult to team it up with anything. But it does look great with jeans.
  • WendyB said...
    8:12 AM
    Love it. Fun thing to have.

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