“Men are like wine - some turn to vinegar, but the best improve with age.” - Pope John XXIII

I think that...at least from the perspective of an ex-Brit living in the US...I have discovered the ultimate Anglo-American snack treat. And though this may revolt those of you with any form of taste buds whatsoever...ladies and gentlemen...may I introduce you to the delights of...salt & vinegar popcorn.

Yes, it's the un-godly combination of the flavor of salt and vinegar crisps and the all-American more-ish-ness of popcorn and, like Dr. Frankenstein, I'm proudly claiming this little monster as my own invention. And, just in case anyone is brave/crazy enough to try this in the safety of their own home...here's the "recipe"...

  • In a le Creuset (or similarly heavy pan with a lid) place two capfuls of corn oil and a single kernel of yellow corn
  • Heat on high until the kernel pops then add enough yellow corn to cover the bottom of the pot
  • Reduce heat infinitesimally
  • Wait until frantic popping has slowed then reduce heat to medium
  • When popping is essentially over turn heat off
  • Place golden kernels in a large bowl and add vast quantities of freshly ground black pepper and half a tablespoon of salt
  • Take bowl and a bottle of Sarson's vinegar to your "snacking lair"
  • Shake a little vinegar onto your popcorn...hear the release of air and watch some of the popcorn deflate...
  • Eat upper layer of popcorn...continue adding vinegar and eating until all the popcorn is gone

Note: this snack is greatly improved by the presence of a glass of dry white wine.

Note #2: am I the only one who feels that today's quote would be better attributed to Mae West than Pope John XXIII?


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  • Thymiane said...
    9:58 PM
    i agree about mae west. i do a similar thing with popcorn but substitute soy sauce for the vinegar.
  • Hebden said...
    10:12 PM
    Looks like I need to try soy sauce next...thanks for the tip!
  • elizabeth said...
    2:50 PM
    Given my friends' love of salt & vinegar potato chips, I'll have to test this out! BTW--I'm assuming this is a white vinegar that you're using?
  • Hebden said...
    3:56 PM
    elizabeth - let me know what you think...I use Sarson's Malt Vinegar which you can find at some surprising places in the US (my local Jewel has it for some reason...)
  • *gemmifer* said...
    7:12 PM
    Oh. My. God. I think you have revealed my new favorite way to eat popcorn. I love S & V potato chips but never thought of it on popcorn.

    I have a stove-top popcorn maker and constantly make batches using the really cheap bulk organic popcorn from Whole Foods and olive oil, which is healthier and gives it a great taste. Now I know what to do with the malt vinegar I've had for a while. Yummy!
  • *gemmifer* said...
    9:37 PM
    Not that it matters, but I just discovered that my bottle of vinegar is also Sarson's. Now I have to make a batch of popcorn with it. Maybe tomorrow night. Definitely tomorrow night. Then I guess soy sauce is the next to try!

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