Who sank my battleship?

As I dried my hair this morning I realized that, thanks to a recent purchase ($5 at Urban Outfitters in case anyone is interested) and completely unwittingly, my nails now match the towels in my bathroom. And, even though there is plenty of grey in my wardrobe, I have a new love...gunmetal grey...the grey of thunderous skies and battleships...towels and nails...and, hopefully, a couple of clothing purchases if I can find something in this shade.

(Just in case anyone is about to mention the seemingly obvious point that I presumably bought the towels because I liked the color I should say that I consider towels to be hideously over-priced and usually buy what is largest/softest/least expensive/in a color that doesn't actually make me feel ill.)


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  • enc said...
    9:37 AM
    I'd say the details count less than the excellent-ness of the color!

    I have nail polish that color, and I always derive joy from using it. It wears like iron, too!

  • PrincessImp. said...
    7:45 PM
    That's a brillant colour..a great shade of gray.

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