“If we did not flatter ourselves, nobody else could” - proverb

I realize that this post may be taken as mean-spirited but I honestly don’t mean it that way...I see it more as an confirmation that, regardless of what the air-brushed, heavily Photoshop-ped images in magazines may tell us...everyone has a bad day...and, regardless of how much something may cost, it can make even the most perfect body look slightly...off.

Case in point, the utterly gorgeous Lara Stone...looking positively dumpy (and a little peeved by the fact) in not one, but two, outfits from Chanel’s Fall/Winter collection.


* Just when I was afraid that I was being uber-bitchy I read Hilary Alexander's review of the show which included the line "pink fur shrugs and sweater dresses (unfortunately given to one of the more generously-proportioned models)" and I realized that I wasn't alone in wondering what they were thinking when they put Lara into that little lot...


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  • editor said...
    9:10 PM
    oh my - look how her shoes are falling off in the picture on the left. she does look miserable. i wonder how she would look, in the same outfits, if her shoulders were back, her head held high, and her face bright and happy, like she was having a good time.
  • site said...
    5:17 AM
    To my mind everybody have to glance at this.

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