“A skull to your right, a leg bone to your left, a rib cage not too many feet away.” - John Bankhead

As I mentioned the other day, the embellishments on a Rika bag have initiated a quest for a skull and talon to hang around my neck this summer...not that I actually need to find the skull portion of the equation as my fixation with the macabre means that there's an enameled brass skull pendant from Chloe currently sitting in my jewelry box just waiting to find its mate.

It doesn't look like there will be any issue getting hold of a talon either...the only questions being price and which bird or animal part I want to wear. Though I'd love to get my hands on another piece from Pamela Love her eagle claw ($352) is more than I want to spend. Thankfully another NY based jeweler, Erica Weiner, offers a similar bald eagle talon (in brass instead of gold vermeil) for $70...a slightly smaller raptor talon for $60...and a definite conversation starter...the fox's penis bone for $60.

At the moment I'm leaning towards the raptor talon but I'll keep looking a little longer just in case something else turns up...



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