"We are the music-makers, And we are the dreamers of dreams" - Arthur O’Shaughnessy

My own personal "music-makers" have let me down...way down...I feel like I'm stuck at the bottom of a mine shaft and 80's ephemera is being heaped down upon me. Balenciaga may give me nightmares...draped, satin, heavily-swathed nightmares. Nina Ricci was just...odd. Balmain...80's prom...or trailer park...or...prom in a trailer park. Not that I'd be buying from any of these designers (short of a lottery win) but that's what makes them the dream creators...at least normally.

And so, I'm looking to the (somewhat rarefied) streets of fashion week for a little inspirational dream induction...



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  • Eli said...
    3:38 PM
    of course isnt this the best part!? at least now. that last lady looks like a perfect mix of balenciaga and prada.
  • 1:38 AM
    I've always enjoyed street fashion more than the runways...your picks are gorgeous!

    I think I have the same pair of cropped pants that the girl in pic #4 is wearing (the stitching is quite distinct). I wear them for work all the time, and on the weekends too...the girl in the picture just gave me more ideas for weekend wear.

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