“From forty to fifty a man is at heart either a stoic or a satyr” - Arthur Wing Pinero

A couple of days ago I mentioned wanting to be "the girl in the leather jacket"...well, with sufficient funding, I have found the leather jacket that I would like to be in. I hadn't noticed it when I viewed the images from Rodarte's spring/summer show but...there it was...staring up at me from the pages of Barney's latest missive...looking like something that a satyress would choose for a quiet weekend of wine and debauchery. Stone colored leather...knitted areas at every orifice...a satisfying amount of buckles...and a shaggy "threaded" area on the chest (thus taking care of the goat portion of the satyress' make-up).

Sadly my budget does not encompass a $3565 leather jacket...especially one in a pale hue which I would manage to stain within a matter of hours...so I will restrict myself to ogling and dreaming...



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