"I am not ready to bring out the pom-poms and start the cheering. I was hoping I could." - Jan LaRue

Though I haven't made a pom pom in...well, let's just say it's been a while....I feel the craving upon me...thanks to this bag and instructional kit courtesy of pom pom international who are, according to their website, "the home of pom pom making for world peace".

Their aim...to create the world's biggest collective pom pom (comprised of single poms sent in by anyone who has the time or inclination to make one...as of last May the total stood at 1,427)...and use it as a kind of goodwill ambassador. I know what you're going to say...will this really stand as the "ultimate symbol of social harmony for the 21st century" or a "whimsical,non-political...gesture of peace and reconciliation"? Probably not, but I've heard crazier ideas.


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