“With an evening coat and a white tie, anybody, even a stockbroker, can gain a reputation for being civilized” - Oscar Wilde

As part of my consideration of "all the things that will make summer bearable" I've been giving some thought (at least tentatively) to adding a white dress to my summer wish list...I like the idea of something blindingly pure to wear on a scorching summer day (pure, that is, until I manage to acquire a grass stain or some other summer-related form of discoloration).

There are, however, two mental stumbling blocks connected with this plan that I find myself banging into like a bird slamming itself against a glass window...

  1. When confronted by a white dress I have a tendency to think about shampoo commercials from the 1970's which, from what I can tell, were infested with blonde women in white dresses...running around alpine meadows...and washing their hair in streams
  2. As someone who is incredibly pale I'm a little concerned whether my limbs and the dress will merge together...perfect as a form of camouflage but not necessarily the look I'm going for

Obviously I need to spend some quality time with a few w.d.'s in a changing room to ascertain whether they do indeed cause me to resemble either an alpine maiden with cleanliness issues or the invisible man in a flour factory. On the off-chance that neither of these dread happenings take place I was happy to stumble across some white dress inspiration at the end of a video clip on Style.com...not terribly helpful for summer but the tones and layers were too beautiful to ignore.



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