Cherry-flavored relief?

I come across some rather...disturbing...things as I research information for posts. Today, the thought that Wayne's double-layer sweater vest was very Pepto-Bismol pink led me to the P-B website...and the somewhat off-putting Pepto-Bismol Dance Machine game...not to give too much away, but, you pick your "dancers" and location and then decide which of the "dance" moves (nausea, heartburn, or diarrhea) they will perform...hilarity ensues...or not, as the case may be.

But back to the sweater vest...I actually have a thick cardigan in this very shade. And the color works very well with dark denim and grey...but the thickness of my cardigan, combined with the color, creates a strong resemblance to the Stay-Puft marshmallow issue which would be resolved by this delightfully lightweight vest.



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  • enc said...
    6:19 PM
    The vest hangs really well on the mannequin. It will look brillo with dark denim. The fabric looks great.
  • editor said...
    7:31 PM
    who sent you? who do you work for???
    la garconne? hitting me with the big guns now.

  • hebden said...
    8:14 PM
    editor - check out the Pepto site...that will kill any shopping urges.

    Oh, and tomorrow, I'm posting something so heinously wrong...retail therapy at a single glance.

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