The Non-marsh Mallow

It was nice to see some pictures from New York that finally ignited a small fire of longing inside me. Am I the only one who's been disappointed by the majority of the offerings from the NY shows thus far? It seems like next Fall will be all about the sludge...wide-legged sludge, bathrobe meets monk's habit sludge, pleated sludge...but still, essentially, sludge. I may draw comparisons between myself and a toadstool on occasion...both of us like the damp and are an acquired taste...but that doesn't mean that I necessarily want to look like I've been decomposing in a woodland glade.

Which brings me back to the one show so far that had "wishlist" written all over it...Malo...because, in Winter, what could be better than to be cocooned in luxurious knitwear, armour-plated against all that nature can hurl at you...with woolly tights...and cut-out booties (okay, the last item is probably not the most practical, especially in chalky colors...but aren't they lovely)?



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  • WendyB said...
    9:41 AM
    That first look is great.
  • enc said...
    4:31 PM
    Yes, lovely.

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