Shadow and light

Attention Barnes & Noble staff, I will shortly begin stalking you for the March edition of Vogue Paris...mainly for the Romance Gothique editorial by Craig McDean. The lace...the tulle...the 80's jewelry...not to mention a couple of versions of Alexander McQueen's clutch with the skull closure and grandma's floral curtains. Bliss!

And, apart from the eye candy, as I seem to be on a grey t-shirt binge at the moment this gives me a few ideas for luxe-ing my shirts. Or, rather, some ideas for de-luxe-ifying some of my more "dressed up" sheer black tops. "Silk Max Studio top, I'd like to introduce you to grey wife-beater...I think you'll get on rather well together".


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  • enc said...
    9:13 PM
    Moody. Incredible.
  • sierra said...
    6:38 AM

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