There’s a faerie at the bottom of my garden…there’s a nymph in my closet, don’t you know.

If, like me, you liked the illustrations that Prada used in their Spring/Summer collection but thought they worked better as "Art" than clothing you may want to take a look at Trembled Blossoms on Prada’s website. A four-minute illustrated film that brings the nymphs featured on their collection to life. The music by CocoRosie is suitably ethereal yet modern and the nymph’s method for selecting an outfit is so engaging that you wish the same kind of magic were available in your closet (at least I did).



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  • enc said...
    4:30 PM
    Watching that video was engrossing, enthralling, yet oddly discomfiting experience. I could do with that bag, of course.

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