Stealth Wealth

I'm not one for great displays of romance...a bunch of flowers from Mr. Heb once prompted the question of whether he'd purloined them from a grave in the local cemetery (I know, not the most tactful question...but if you suddenly spring a bunch of flowers on a girl like that it tends to confuse her).

I much prefer things that have personal meaning...something that can be shared with one other person, not the rest of the world. Probably not the most subtle example of this (though I love it for it's over the top quality) is this yellow gold and diamond dog-tag from Paris jeweler, FRED. The inscription, in braille, reads "I love you". Touch my heart...touch my my love.


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  • Maria said...
    3:29 PM
    for love is blind?!
  • hebden said...
    8:11 PM
    I cannot believe that (with my love of puns) I missed that...
  • Libertygirl said...
    4:21 PM
    I think that's so sutble & clever LLG xx
  • enc said...
    9:18 PM
    It's pretty. And it means something to someone who cannot see jewelry.
  • 6:46 PM
    clever, i just wish it didnt say "Fred" at the bottom. the logo kills it a bit
  • 4:44 PM
    I totally agree with the article.

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