Color versus the rest

I mentioned that I seem to be excessively addicted to greys, browns, blacks, and navys at the moment...probably due to the prolonged burst of Arctic weather we’ve been experiencing. Much as I’d like to though I can’t blame the elements for all my woes so I’m making a concerted effort to add a little color into my the bright orange cardigan I’m sporting today...or American Apparel’s red and raspberry heart tee. A colorful little multi-tasker that I could wear under a jacket to work or out and about on the weekends.

Of course, my single-minded pursuit of color doesn’t mean that I’m not lusting over the muted version as well...which I suppose means that not one, but two new t-shirts will be getting welcomed into my closet...



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  • miss milki said...
    4:11 PM
    Ooo! I really like the raspberry and red one!

    I've just updated my links and added you...hope that ok!
  • editor said...
    8:31 PM
    oh dear. you have to take some responsibility here, i am highly susceptible right now (as per today's post on my blog). what happened when i saw your post? i immediately wanted to buy those tops. a teeny tiny voice started yelling "wait, stop, you need to save your money" and i hardly listened to it but because of my nervous energy, i headed off in search of busy projects that did not involve my credit card (mini at home facial, followed by a shower and then twisting sections of hair up and securing with bobby pins, possibly to create funky curls - we'll see). now i look like a nut, a clean nut, but the voice inside is a little louder now. saved myself from your influence.

    what i'm saying is - super cute tees!!!!
  • hebden said...
    9:04 PM
    I admit it...I'm a fashion enabler. Apologies. But, looking on the positive side, it did prompt at "at home spa day"...and the t-shirt is only $26 (in case your inner voice decides to quieten down). Okay, I'll stop enabling now ;)
  • enc said...
    10:04 PM
    I really really like that one on the left. Wowee.
  • editor said...
    10:24 PM
    oh i like them both. but my judgment, it's... it's... it's clouded.
    when i'm in this state, i think you could wave latex shorts in front of me and they would pique my interest.

    no, those are really cute tops.
    stop it.
  • Anonymous said...
    10:52 PM
    i have the one on the left--it looks awesome with high-waisted things. now you're making me want the neutral one too.
  • WendyB said...
    6:44 PM
    I prefer the bright one too.
  • 12:21 PM
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