The Leader of the Pack

As the photographs from New York fashion week start appearing I can't say that I'm exactly blown away by anything I've seen so far...good for my credit cards, bad for the purposes of creating theoretical shopping lists.

The only thing that's got an "ooh, I wouldn't mind having that" so far was this grey top from Alexander Wang's show, whose theme seemed to be *O.D.M. meets biker. Before anyone says anything...yes, it's a's a sweatshirt with a zip (probably made from some semi-luxurious fabric which will semi-justify the exorbitant price). All the difference in the world. Will I be buying Wang's? No. Will I be customizing a grey sweatshirt? Yes. Actually, I'm thinking of a summer version...somehow a grey t-shirt with a shoulder zip sounds so much cooler than a plain old t-shirt right about now...possibly with a neon yellow or cobalt blue tank peeking out from underneath.

*O.D.M. = Off Duty Model


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  • enc said...
    11:44 AM
    That idea sounds perfect.

    I like her boots. I wonder where they came from?
  • hebden said...
    3:08 PM
    I think I read that Louboutin did the shoes...but I was pinging back and forth between info on different shows so I may be off on that...
  • WendyB said...
    4:02 PM
    That outfit is a little depressing-looking!
  • hebden said...
    5:56 PM
    wendyb - that was actually one of the perkier outfits!
  • editor said...
    2:03 PM
    yum. that $weat$hirt is yum!

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