Our man in Havana

Normally I'm not a huge fan of white shoes...partially because of the whole white shoes + dirty sidewalk = constant battle to keep said shoes clean issue...and partly because of the unfortunate connotations regarding Essex girls. However, I'd be willing to make an exception for these Peter Jensen white patent moccasins from TopShop.

They're cheesy Vegas lounge singer meets Alec Guinness but, for some reason, that makes them all the more appealing in my eyes.


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  • Maria said...
    10:05 AM
    some cheesy is godd baby!
    It makes things interesting to create a little tension.
    Embrace the power of obcene, as Don Salvador Dali would point out.
  • WendyB said...
    1:02 PM
    I love 'em. They remind me of a pair of Peter Cox shoes I had long ago.
  • enc said...
    9:20 PM
    You'd be alright in those as long as you weren't wearing them in the club whilst dancing 'round your handbag.

    I think white shoes are sort of like giant Manifesto Coffee Table Books: it's a question of investment or enjoyment. I wonder if you could just surrender to the experience, and wear the shoes, come what may?

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