Faux or shall we call it Moc?

I've been lusting over the idea of moccasins recently, good old nerdy-yet-cool-kid-at-camp moccasins, but I've been stunned at the price...$495 at Jimmy Choo...$225 at Kate Spade...what happened to the humble moc? Even as my head filled with cute moc-based summer outfits I was beginning to think I was priced out of the market...then, like a knight on a white steed, along came Old Navy to my rescue.

Cute...affordable...yes, I bought a pair in chocolate brown and tan...it would have taken a stronger woman than I to resist the (moccasin wearing) Siren's call.



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  • WendyB said...
    11:02 AM
  • enc said...
    10:18 PM
    Cute indeed!

    I just bought a pair for the FMr.OM's 11-year old daughter, and she loves them.
  • muebles said...
    11:41 AM
    It cannot have effect in reality, that is what I consider.

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