Too Darned Hot

Yesterday I mentioned my getting-equipped-for-summer-angst...a seasonal affliction that starts in Spring and builds as the temperatures rise. I am, by nationality and preference, a cold weather girl. But the locale that I currently call home veers wildly between winter wind chills in the negative twenties to summer temperatures closer to the hundred degree mark. In winter I happily frolic in sweaters and coats, hats and scarves, but as the mercury rises I find myself in a quandary...finding things to wear that work in the heat but still let me feel like myself.

According to magazines, summer dressing is supposed to be a breeze (probably the same one that wafts over tropical beaches in suntan oil commercials). But, in reality, you're uncomfortably warm...sweating, even though ladies are supposed to perspire...and trying to make a mad dash for the air-conditioning only to find that, once inside, that flimsy summer dress you're wearing leaves you shivering in the arctic blast.

Hence my angst...and general feeling of having "nothing to wear" or, rather, not the right things to wear...for a good five months of the year (obviously something that is partially in my head, and partially in my closet). For the past few years I've been making a concerted effort to find pieces that are not only "summer" but "me"...not diluting my style because of the heat, merely finding a hebden lite. But, even so, the search continues...


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  • editor said...
    10:13 AM
    i've got 3 good summer dresses, a pair of long shorts, a pair of short pants, a pair of wide leg pants, and a few tops. all acquired last year or the year prior, and i think i'm totally set for summer. '07 marks the first time in history that i more or less conquered summer in a satisfying fashion. i feel for you, because i don't personally really click with that season either, and it took ... years upon years to find items that were "me" for those months.
    i remember a post i did last summer, desperate to understand how people could wear jeans in the summer, when i'm dying of heat-stroke in some flimsy dress. my personal conclusion, i don't think they're human.
  • hebden said...
    1:12 PM
    Glad to hear I'm not alone...I have a couple of pieces I'm happy with but, in the main, I feel like my summer outfits are this year I'm making a concerted effort to get this taken care of.

    And agreed, you have to be superhuman to wear jeans in ninety degree heat.
  • editor said...
    1:22 PM
    but people do. they do it. i am utterly distressed by this. does it mean i'm a wimp for not being able to wear cords through july?

    trust me, you find the right summer dress or skirt for yourself, and it will all come together.
    keep us posted. ;)
  • cc said...
    2:01 PM
    yes I totally know what you mean (although lately i have grown so sick of my winter jackets i could just die.) i'm really obsessed with vanessa bruno's spring collection at the moment--they're all very simple easy breezy throw-and-and-go type pieces that should be great for midsummer. you should have a look.
  • enc said...
    10:24 PM
    I've had the same problem for ages. I finally caved, and got a collection of lightweight cashmere cardis to go over my summer dresses and strappy tops, and now I can face all the boiling-hot-to-sub-zero scenarios that summer presents with aplomb.

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