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Considering that for the modern-day air traveler the height of travel chic is having a new plastic bag for their toiletries each time they fly I probably shouldn't be enthusing about (rather expensive) travel bags. But then, as I've said before, my mind does not always run along the most practical lines and there is something terribly depressing about bunging all your potions and lotions into a poly bag that you'd usually use for sandwiches.

So, for me, Jo de Mer's embroidered canvas bag is a container for a container...useless, frivolous, and completely necessary.


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  • editor said...
    8:55 AM
    holy kazoo - the price on that didn't deter your interest one teeny tiny bit? i looked at the link, laughed at my uber impractical self for being drawn to the white one of all things, and then saw the price. and that made me perfectly content to skip it.
  • hebden said...
    10:09 AM
    The price is the one flaw in an otherwise perfect plan...unless you rationalize that (thanks to the Government-mandated plastic bag inside) the interior will remain un-gunked by beauty goo and the bag can do double-duty as an evening clutch (...yes, I'm "clutching" at rationalization straws).
  • editor said...
    1:56 PM
    well, it certainly has an evening, or at least all-purpose clutch price tag. phew.
    but then, would you put a plastic bag of toiletries in your day clutch when you travel??
    i suppose it's a space safer for packing...
    but no, this is no clutch. wake up. this is a really beautiful deluxe toiletry bag that we're too sane to buy.
    points for the find though - it's lovely.
  • Anonymous said...
    2:10 PM
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  • hebden said...
    3:52 PM
    editor...I need to "talk" to you more often when I'm in rationalizing mode...you're a much-needed voice of sanity.

    Actually, when I'm packing I try to get everything in as small a bag as possible so I probably would pack things inside a clutch but, you're right, this is no handbag...sigh.
  • enc said...
    10:14 PM
    The "officials" at the security check should be handing these out as "mandatory replacements" for the unsightly Ziplocs we are now stuck using.

    Then, we wouldn't have to pay! And, we'd have cute bags! Everybody wins!

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