Trainspotting or laptop carrying?

I admit it, I'm not known for buying the most practical items...the feather boa that I picked up on a trip and had to explain to a bemused Customs Officer illustrates that...but I came across lug's parachute laptop sleeve the other day and it called out to my inner nerd in a satisfyingly practical way.

Maybe it's the comforting feeling it gives me...reminding me, as it does, of the sleeping bags of childhood trips. Or maybe the trainspotter-ish fabric convinces me that my laptop will be as coddled as Derek, as he sits in the cold, waiting for the 10:15 from Cheltenham. Or maybe I just like the thought of thrusting this into a large handbag and hitting the opposed to schlepping forth with a handbag and laptop bag hanging off my person like a demented bag-lady.

Whatever the reason, nerd-girl is pleased.



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  • enc said...
    7:22 PM
    I'm nerding out on this, too. I need a laptop sleeve and wasn't sure where I was going to find one. Yay!

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