A weighty tome indeed...


Vivienne Westwood's Opus is probably the ultimate coffee table book...as in that it actually is the size and weight of your average coffee table...measuring just over 2.5 feet by 2 feet and weighing in at 55lbs. Each of the nine covers is appealing...each of the designs will be limited to 100 copies, each signed by V.W. herself...it is lavishly illustrated and produced. As a Westwood fan I should be beside myself...hopping up and down in tense excitement until it's release date in March. But I'm not.Photobucket

Mainly because, to me, books are meant to be read and enjoyed. Not insured, stored, and kept until they appreciate in value like stocks and bonds...as Opus' website suggests. And even if you ignore their marketing ploy, are you ever going to settle down for a cozy read with a book that you cannot hold (and may even have trouble lifting)?


Of course, "cozy read" is all a matter of taste as, once again according to Opus' website, the book features "a startling insight into Vivienne Westwood, her manifesto and her stunning designs, which reflect the passion of her collections". Designs and passion...wonderful. Manifesto...not so sure...at least, not if it's the same Manifesto that is posted on her website. The Manifesto's aim is to "encourage all intellectuals in the fight against propaganda". Well, okay then. But reading it reminded me of the studied eccentricity of the 1930's (look at me...I'm fiendishly intelligent and delightfully witty...in an delightfully oddball way).

But what do you think? Interesting idea or pseudo-intellectual ramblings?



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  • editor said...
    10:37 PM
    i am trying to figure out how much the shipping on that thing would be.

    i recently contemplated buying a book produced by and about a favorite designer, until i faced the fact that for the cost of the book, i could buy and wear something produced by that designer. i swear i'm literate and all that, but ultimately i'd rather buy designers' clothing more than their books.
  • enc said...
    9:18 PM
    It's gimmicky, that's for sure. It seems a question of investment or enjoyment. Maybe your local library will get a copy, and you can go look at it without worrying that you're decreasing the value even as you turn the pages.

    I usually think these kinds of "startling insights" amount to pseudo-intellectual ramblings, so I'll stick with that for now. But maybe I'll be wrong, and maybe it'll be an actual Startling Insight.
  • Anonymous said...
    3:45 PM
    This is not just a book, it's a piece of history. I have ordered a copy of the book with the union jack cover. I ordered it direct from kraken opus 3 days after launch and the price for the union jack one is now £2,100 when it was originally £1400. How can any fashion fan not want to own one of these exclusive one-off items? I'm not rich or famous and couldn't afford a pair of viv's gorgeous platforms in the 80s.

    The library will certainly not have one. Pseudo-intellectual it may be but what an experience it will be to open your own copy, a better experience than buying designer clothes. I could sell it tomorrow and spend the £700 its made in the last 6 weeks but I am not going to do that. It will stay at my humble terraced house and be shown to selected friends.

    Note to you both - buy one even if you have to borrow to get it, this is not just a piece of british fashion history, its a piece of art.
  • 3:06 AM
    It will not succeed in actual fact, that is what I think.

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