"Come fly with me, lets fly...lets fly...away"

I've always had a horror of butterflies. Well, at least since the time I was taken to a lepidopterist's house as a child...every wall, every space, was filled with specimens...pinned down and unable to fly (death, of course, also being a pertinent factor in their lack of movement).

Which should, of course, mean that I recoil from the idea of wearing butterflies on my clothing. It should...but such is the strange way that the mind works (well, mine at least)...that even though actual butterflies fill me with dread...when they're printed on something, like this Tawny Emperor top from Anthropologie, I find myself oddly attracted.

Work that one out, Dr. Freud...


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  • WendyB said...
    7:36 PM
    Pretty top! I often see clothes, think "That's ugly........I love it!"
    Maybe it's just one of those things. I would never get something with dragonflies on it though. I really, really hate those bugs.

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