Hey, Gladiatōrēs!

I try not to be unduly repetitive...and I mentioned Posso the Spats' updated take on the humble spat last season...but when I saw their latest addition to the spat fold I had to do an update post. The Sound Spat transforms any shoe or sandal into instant full-on gladiator mode...reminiscent of Chanel's sandal from its Spring 2007 Resort collection...yet to my practical mind, slightly better, as not only can the shoe be changed to provide limitless variations on the gladiatorial theme...but the reduced number of leg straps means less time getting them on/off and less chance of looking like a zebra after wearing them on a hot summer's day (unless you're a fan of the "tan tattoo" that is).


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  • Anonymous said...
    7:03 PM
    As scary as those are on bare legs, I can almost see someone getting away with them in the right pair of over-the-knee socks.

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