Papier-mâché for paper money

I usually enjoy trolling through Rag Nation's selection of (generally gently) used designer clothing and accessories but I just came across something which puzzles and frustrates me in equal parts and had to see how others felt.

Item: Chanel "black folder"
Price: $75

This is, let's be honest, a cardboard folder...with what I'm sure is a lovely ribbon tie...but, nonetheless, a cardboard folder. Have we, as a society, really reached such a level of designer frenzy that we'll happily fork over $75 for two pieces of cardboard and a Chanel logo? I'm a master of conspicuous consumerism and, even to me, this is excessive.

On a side note, this is listed in the Women's that due to our love of paper goods...or perceived increased gullibility?


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  • WendyB said...
    4:21 PM
    Hmm. No thanks!
  • enc said...
    12:48 AM
    It's a waste.
  • editor said...
    8:41 AM
    is it all relative? if i would pay $24 for lipstick, hundreds for a scarf, or thousands for a bag, can i say that $75 for a pretty obnoxious "folder" is unreasonable? ... yes i can. ;)

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