The Jolly Green Giant

There seems to be a positive barrage of advertising at the moment for companies claiming to be greener than grass. And I'm sure some of them are, but my inner cynic (who's a loud little bugger) questions a lot of their the majority of these firms really want to help the planet or is this just a new way to convince consumers to open their wallets?

There are, of course, some people who have a proven track record demonstrating their principles. One such person is Katherine Hamnett, who started protesting in t-shirt form in the early 1980's and spent a good amount of her time since trying to make cotton production a little more planet (and people) friendly. The re-issues of her shirts are now made with certified ethical and environmental organic cotton...even the dyes used for printing the text are water-based and environmentally friendly.

If you happen to be in London on the 15th of February and you have time to wander over to the Victoria and Albert Museum you can hear what will probably be a very interesting discussion between Katherine Hamnett and journalist Miranda Sawyer about the challenges of ethical fashion. If not, check out her website...where, along with re-issues of her protest shirts, you can find this "Clean Up or Die" bag.

Say it loud and say it proud...and if they argue, hit them with your bag!


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  • Maria said...
    8:03 AM
    I have to say that as Designer I see type a whole different beast. Fashion can not rely on typography as the main element. The message is in deed valuable, but type on a fashion surface is extremely fragile to the test of time. The whole relation of negative to positive space, typeface, color...elements extremely close to one given zeitgeist. They can become "retro" in five minutes. Interesting between hierarchies of longevity between two classes of "formal" expression.

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