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The only downside to the plethora of street style blogs currently available is that you often come across a photograph and, like Veruca Salt, you simply want more...more detail...more angle...a different view. The outfit has so much detail and nuance that you want to immerse yourself in it. Case in point, this intriguing lady from Paris who I found on The Sartorialist. Someone who has veered away from the concept of "look in the mirror before you leave the house and remove one accessory" and, instead, has embraced excess and eclecticism...but not in a way that I, personally, think is overdone. She looks like she is expressing her true self...and appears supremely comfortable in what she has on...and, let's face it...looking comfortable in those Balenciaga "lego" shoes is quite a feat in itself.

Luckily, in this instance, I got my "more"...courtesy of Café Mode...including the mirror-topped small bag which is merely a sliver of blue in the initial shot. This is my "more", my hidden detail...and something I'd love to get my sticky little hands on.


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  • Café Mode said...
    1:19 PM
    Thanks for the link. I'm glad you enjoyed my pics :)
  • 10:57 PM
    I wanted to see more details of this look when I saw it on Sart. Here is a girl who carefully selects each item she is wearing and each makes a statement. Stunning. Thanks for this.

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