I can see clearly?

Though I tried to push it to the back of my mind as a TTITTI (Thing That I Try To Ignore) it’s fighting back...the “it” in question being...sheer hosiery. I blotted out the translucent leg coverings when I looked at images from the shows...hopeful that others may do the same thing...but recent browsing of fashion forums and "what to wear this Spring" lists have proved otherwise.

Don’t get me wrong, at Nina Ricci for example, sheers looked lovely...ethereal, will-o-the-wisp. However, and this is my concern with the whole “sheer thing”, that was on some very skinny legs indeed. In real life, sheers tend to highlight any flaw in the leg area mercilessly...especially when they’re in lighter hues. Additionally, there’s what I call the “sausage casing effect”...you’re going for pale, yet interesting...you end up with Bob Evans, down on the farm. And you don’t fare much better with black sheers...which are constantly identified as being "sexy". I acknowledge, with suspenders and something which barely qualifies as clothing from Agent Provocateur they can be...but when clothes are added the effect is generally more grieving (slightly dowdy) relative at the funeral than big-time seductress.

I know there are exceptions...Susie Bubble put together some beautiful looks with sheers a while ago...I’m just nervous about this summer, when the streets could potentially be filled with people jumping on the sheer bandwagon without the benefit of a full-length mirror or some self restraint.

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