"Good Girl (Looking For a Bad Time)" - Suzi Quatro

PhotobucketThis is an update on a post from a couple of months ago, when I mentioned my love affair with Heimstone's Spring/Summer collection...especially their leather trimmed jackets. Well, I'm still in love...but, sadly, it's going to be unrequited...as I found out that the jackets retail for around $1,700 pre-tax (star-crossed love is one thing, fiscally suicidal love is another thing altogether). But, though my love is on the ropes, it hasn't actually been knocked out...as a further foray onto their website uncovered these very covet-worthy accessories.

The necklace suggests that another craft project is on the Hebden horizon...the cuffs as well, if I'm feeling particularly optimistic. The bag, on the other hand, which conjures up images of Suzi Quatro (for some inexplicable reason), is now on my wish list. Love has changed...evolved...and is hopefully a little more affordable.


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