"Life in plastic, it's fantastic"

My fascination with discovering cute wet weather footwear is relatively well documented...I give you exhibit A...and B...

Though they won't be available until next Winter, these plastic Mary Janes (created as a collaboration between Vivienne Westwood and Brazilian designer Melissa) are now my favorite rainy day shoe. I don't care how smeggy the weather, could you wear these and possibly feel depressed?


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  • Alline said...
    7:55 AM
    Hi there! As a brazilian girl I must post this comment: Melissa is NOT a designer!!! It`s just a brand!! They used to make cheap plastic shoes back in the day but now they make fashionable plastic shoes desgined by famous brazilian fashion icons and now Viviane Westwood... who, by the way, was in Brazil for both Fashion Rio and São Paulo Fashion Week!!!!!!
  • WendyB said...
    8:57 AM
    I love the idea of a crazy waterproof platform.
  • cc said...
    10:09 AM
    The best thing about Melissa I think is that their rubber is scented...they smell incredibly good!
  • Anonymous said...
    10:33 AM
    Weren't you interested in the heimstone jacket in the link below? (I've been scouring the web for heimstone daily as the gorgeous dress I thought I'd be good and wait a month before buying is suddenly sold out. That's what I get for trying to be fiscally responsible, huh?)

  • EM said...
    11:58 AM
    I love melissa shoes. I brought them to my highschool. The year after I started wearing them everyone seemed to have a pair.
  • enc said...
    2:05 PM
    Oh, now I love a mary jane! Those are really cute—especially the blue ones.

    But wouldn't they make your feet sweat?
  • hebden said...
    7:37 PM
    anon - YES! Thank you so much...I will be on the phone first thing tomorrow. Sorry to hear about your dress woes...if you want to let me know which one you're looking for I'll keep an eye out...see if I can return the favor.

    enc - they'd probably be horribly sweaty but they're so cute I don't know if I'd mind.
  • Anonymous said...
    4:57 PM
    To the person upset about the sold out Heimstone dress, the collection doesn't even ship from France until mid-February (I have no idea how Satine is able to fill orders at the end of Jan) and I know of several online stores which will be stocking it which have not yet made that known. Be patient, you will probably see it pop up at many stores late Feb/early March!
  • Anonymous said...
    6:29 PM
    I'm the girl fretting over the loss of a Heimstone dress, the Fairlane to be exact. I emailed Satine and they're trying to get another one for me, and I also sent a note to Heimstone directly. One of their reps said that they'd help me out next week, so I think all will be well (sigh of relief). I'm also very surprised that they've all gone so quickly - it's still so cold outside! I emailed every boutique on the Heimstone website (before hearing back from Heimstone) and asked if they'd be carrying it, but had no luck, so I got pretty worried for a bit.

    Hebden - glad I could help out. I stumbled upon your blog a few months ago and love it! Keep up the good work.
  • Anonymous said...
    3:00 PM
    ^^^I am shocked that Satine is helping you out! I have emailed them twice in the past about sold out items on their site and have never even received a response! I hope they are able to help you find it, but if not, there are some stores that are not listed on the Heimstone site that will be stocking Heimstone.

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