“Do not let Sunday be taken from you. If your soul has no Sunday, it becomes an orphan.” - Albert Schweitzer

As the weather has been pretty horrific recently I haven't done much "bricks & mortar" shopping and have, instead, been roaming the web while my radiator hisses and puffs away by my side. But today we saw some actual sunshine and temperatures above freezing so I grabbed my credit card and hit the streets.

My main impetus for the shopping expedition (apart from the nice weather) was to check out the new season's merchandise at a local boutique. Lesson #22, always call first...even though it's the end of January, no new stock was on the shelves...but I did pick up a heavily reduced Isabel Marant Etoile dress...too thin for winter but a welcome addition to my summer wardrobe...so I really can't complain.

Next stop was the Marc by Marc Jacobs store which recently opened in town. It was, I have to say, surprisingly disappointing...a concrete shopping bunker that didn't seem to have had much done to it since the builders left...and the general ambiance of a fire-sale (albeit an expensive file sale). I've actually been in guerrilla stores that had more of a sense of permanence...there were price tags left on some of the tubs holding the merchandise.

A few more stores, unexciting for various reasons, and then I hit the jackpot at Urban Outfitters...

I've been searching for a certain style of Havanna hat for a while now...ever since I saw Sarah Jessica Parker wearing one in Sex and the City (I know, I know, the cliche police will be by shortly to shoot me)... I've been using Mr. Heb's but it didn't quite have the cheeky tilt that I was looking for. I have found a few contenders in the past but they've always been a couple of hundred dollars more than I was happy paying for a hat that could blow off my head and end up squashed under a car tire...this $28 version though meets my "cheeky" criteria and my price point.

U.O. also yielded these ankle-strap flats whose faux-snakeskin gives me a jolt of the python from Christopher Kane's summer collection...and should liven up some of the gray that I seem to have loaded my closet with recently. Unfortunately I didn't see these on their website so I'm unable to add a link for anyone who would like a pair of these to slither into their lives.



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  • 10:45 PM
    You have a wonderful way of describing your shopping venture. I always like Urban Outfitters for it's accessories, the shoes especially.
  • enc said...
    7:03 PM
    All cool. I love reading your shopping narratives.
  • Anonymous said...
    7:44 PM
    oh! i bought those shoes and absolutely love them.
  • sex shop said...
    12:12 PM
    Oh my god, there's a lot of useful information in this post!

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